Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Band of the Month

Ok guys lets try something new. I decided a long time ago that I would try doing a band of the week. Obviously that does not really work out since I don't post new things every week.

So lets try band of the MONTH

So this way you know that the pick is of higher quality since I have more time to think about it. Sounds genius right?

I know.

So here it is. Band of the Month of July is....
"The Choir"

The Choir is a christian rock band who has made a big fat name for themselves in the christian and christian music world. Unfortunately I only have 1 album and that would be "Free Flying Soul". The album has a very "small" sound to it, meaning that there is not a lot of hollywood sounds effects and add-ons you would expect from some other bands. The album is a pretty long one indeed but its filled with beautiful uses of guitar and some strings mixed in there as well. If you like soft rock, then this band is for you.

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